TO ST. CLARE OF ASSISI / by Joseph Castorino


Your exquisite bright blue eyes 

   are soft and serene,

 Beholding the remarkable 

   richness of God’s creation;

Your honey hair cascades 

   over your shoulders like a

Wonderful waterfall of God’s 

   ineffable, indelible love;

Yet you choose to be a 

   princess of holy poverty,

And your only wish is to 

   sweetly serve in simplicity;

You are a faithful friend to 

   the good Saint Francis,

As you both sacrificially surrender 

   to Jesus the Just;

You are a merciful mother 

   to the nuns of San Damiano,

As you guide them in purity 

   and prudence and peace;

You are a beauteous bride 

   to Christ the Courageous,

And your soul is bedecked with

   the precious pearls of virtue;

As you fervently follow in the 

   footsteps of Our Loving Lord,

May we too live on in 

   the laudable light of Christ.