TO ST. THERESE OF LISIEUX / by Joseph Castorino

My sweet Little Flower,

your humble acts of charity

are like tiny grains of sand,

yet when they’re poured out

upon the fruitful fields of Heaven

by the Father’s faithful fingers,

they form a mountain of love

that would gracefully tower

over the mighty Everest;

you stand in great strength,

as the missionary of missionaries,

in the gentle presence of

the Virgin of virgins,

the Mystical Rose

of incomparable beauty,

and your precious seeds of prayer

are cultivated with care by the

ever patient Divine Gardener,

nourished by His living water,

producing a bountiful harvest of

salvation in our suffering world;

above the clouds of worry,

your cheerful sky is always blue --

help me to follow your example

so that my soul too may sing

those heartfelt words of wisdom:

“My vocation is love!”