A KNIGHT OF CHRIST / by Joseph Castorino

Dedicated to Fr. Peter Rossa (1964-2017)


Ladies and gentlemen, our pastor is gone,

  A caring priest with a heart of gold,

One who surrendered all that he had,

  To share with us the Bread of Life;

His excited eyes twinkled with delight

  Through his little round spectacles,

And he smiled broadly and cheerfully

  As he spoke about the good God.


Beyond doubt, he was a fearless shepherd,

  Always unafraid to speak the truth,

A courageous defender of the unborn,

  He stood up for the dignity of all;

Through his brave example, he showed

  Us how to be soldiers of Christ,

He taught us how to stand firm in faith,

  Like the tower of the church he built.


In the footsteps of John Paul the Great,

  He will heroically help us from Heaven,

With the strength of a valiant warrior,

  He will pray for his cherished flock;

He will be united to the Victorious Virgin,

  And also to the Merciful Messiah,

Our beloved pastor will steer us from darkness,

  Leading us toward the Limitless Light of Love.