OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY / by Joseph Castorino


When I squeezed the rosary with my

  Tense fingers, my soul was bone dry;

I prayed too fast, as if trying to speed

  Through Death Valley at high noon.


I pitched my prayers with fear, and they

  Wildly eluded the spiritual strike zone;

It was as though they were frantically

  Fired from a rickety machine gun.


Then you taught me how to pray, Madonnina,

  More slowly, and more meaningfully;

I peacefully sprinkled the rosary throughout

  The day, watering my soul’s garden.


I threw sizzling strikes with love, which you

  Crisply caught and brought to Jesus;

As God’s holy warrior, Padre Pio spoke the

  Truth: “Lord, give me my weapon.”