A TALE OF TWO TRAGEDIES / by Joseph Castorino


Act I

Cambria’s tight and sexy little outfit

  Stirred Leonardo’s powerful lust,

His pulsating passion filled his strong sails

  With a sweetly sensual gust;

Her heart was hooked in an instant,

  As she looked into his handsome dark eyes,

He charmed her with his honeyed words,

  So she thought him an enviable prize.


Their glances magnetically locked together

  In a twinkling starlight gaze,

Then both of them were spellbound

  In a delightful and enchanting haze;

Later on that delicious, romantic evening,

  Their heartbeats raced as one,

But lost in an exciting emotional whirlwind,

  Her virginity had been undone.


Act II

Dear Leonardo,

I feel so lost,

and I don’t know

what I should do.


My parents are insisting

that I go to have an


and I know it’s what

you want also.


Please, please don’t leave me,

because I can’t live without you,

I love you, and I want

to be with you forever.


So I promise that I’ll do this,

for you, so that we can

be together again,

and be happy again,

like we used to be.



I need you.


Please don’t abandon me,

because having you

by my side is the only way

I would have the courage

to actually do this.


Then once this is behind us,

we can live together again,

and be happy again,

and we can forget all about it,

as if it never happened.


I can’t wait to hold you

in my arms once more.


Leonardo, I am always

yours forever.





Cambria was treated like a piece of meat,

  And was whisked into the operating room,

With people rushing around everywhere,

  She could certainly sense her doom;

Then a man came in and introduced himself,

  While he anxiously kept an eye on the clock,

He hurried around as if pressed for time,

  And for her this was a really a shock.


Piece by bloody piece, he ripped apart

  Her poor and innocent little child,

Yanking out body parts in a flood of blood,

  Yet it was strange when he actually smiled;

Cambria walked out in a depressed daze,

  As if someone secretly stole her soul,

She fell fast, into an empty emotional abyss,

  And doubted she would ever feel whole.

Act IV


I love you…

Do you love



I miss you,

and I wish that

we could have played together,

and laughed together,

and cried together.


You’re always so sad,

and I wonder if

Daddy will ever

come back,

so I’ll pray for him.


I love you very much,

I don’t want you to

ever forget that,

and I’ll always

pray for you.

Act V

Cambria sluggishly dragged herself around,

  In the clanking shackles of her sorrow,

Through years and years of depression,

  She dreaded the coming of each tomorrow;

Somehow, and she knew not how,

  She found herself alone in a little church,

And weeping tears of truth and honesty,

  Her soul she began to search.


Later that day as she went to confession,

  God soothed her soul with a healing balm,

Her face was flooded with happy tears,

  Soaking in the twenty-second psalm;

It felt as if holy honey, warm and pure,

  Poured into her lacerated heart,

She had the very unexpected sensation

  That God helped her make a fresh new start.