AUNT EDNA / by Joseph Castorino


Aunt Edna was always the life of the party,

  and she knew how to talk about everything,

She had a very special gift with people,

  and made them feel like a million dollars;

She had an answer for every question --

  Little Charlie couldn’t stump her, until one day:

“Fr. Francis said you could get an annulment --

  why don’t you get one, Auntie?”

She was on the porch, sipping on a glass of wine,

  but his unexpected question startled her,

Her hand quivered for just a moment,

  and some red wine spotted her Sunday dress,

Then she searched in his baby blue eyes as if

  hoping to find the answer to a certain question,

But he innocently responded by asking,

  “Auntie, what’s an annulment?”