MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 9 / by Joseph Castorino


Mother Undefiled, awaken me from my

  Slumber, to see the Son-shine again;

Coach me as I wrestle with the wrathful

  Enemy’s deceitful distractions.


God’s sword has cut the tangled tentacles

  Of temptation and has freed me;

Sweetly smile upon me, rejoice with me,

  And warmly welcome me home.


In my last bittersweet hour, calm me

  With your comforting countenance;

Pray that the Lord will drive away the evil

  One, lashing him with His whip of light.


With your words of wisdom, teach me to

  Appreciate God’s grand gift of creation;

Help me to grasp His goodness, that

  He has loved me from all of eternity.