MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 5 / by Joseph Castorino


Mother of Divine Grace, ever so kindly

  Preserve me in humble piety and patience;

Ask the gentle Jesus to pour upon me

  His heavenly hope and gladdening grace.


You merit praise for being a perfect mirror,

  Reflecting His merciful compassion;

Because of you, divine favors fall upon me

  Like starry raindrops from the sky.


I am a little candle in the cave, and the

  Birth of the blessed Babe is mystical to me;

Pray that your sovereign Son will help me

  To be single-hearted in the Spirit.


The Timeless One is triumphantly shoehorned

  Into Time, and He totally transfigures it;

Guide me and show me how to live in the

  Eternal present of the loving Lamb.