MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 2 / by Joseph Castorino


Holy Mother of God, do not ever forget us --

  Fight for your spiritual family on Earth;

Lead us, your Son’s simple sheep, away from

  The tangled twisted webs of tribulation.


The evil enemy, like a boa constrictor,

  Tries to squeeze us with stress;

Do not let the devil deceive us with the

  Empty, plastic promises of pride.


May all the evil one’s threats be pulverized

  By the protective power of Christ’s cross;

You gaze in wonder at God’s glorious

  Plan, and your merciful eyes are upon us.


Pray to Our Father in Heaven, and ask Him

  To show us the excellence of devotion;

Request that He send choirs of amiable angels

  To aid us in finding the path of purity.