MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 1 / by Joseph Castorino


Holy Santa Maria, sweetest guide, save me

  By leading me to your Son’s lasting love;

You are the fountain of Christ’s clemency,

  Freshly flowing with living water.


You swiftly circle the great globe of Earth,

  Eager to show us the easier road to Heaven;

You lead us on the peaceful path to Beauty,

  On a way that is lit by your most holy Sun.


Riding on the white charger of chastity,

  You protect us with the lance of justice;

Warmed by the Sun’s splendid rays, your

  Soul is surrounded by the halo of truth.


Pray wholeheartedly to His Divine Majesty,

  And ask that He bestow on us holy devotion;

May the good God grace us with the grand

  Gifts and fervent fire of the Holy Spirit.