The Dark Night of Unknowing / by Joseph Castorino


It’s early morning and

the crafty enemy

crouches and waits,

like a hungry lion ready

to devour my world,

with worthless worries;

in the neutral zone,

transitioning out of sleep,

I lie in bed with my eyes closed,

and my mind gradually

awakens into the

nebulous fog

of fear.


My day begins

in the dark night of unknowing.


The enemy tries to strangle me

with multitudinous doubts:

about time,

about interruptions,

about irate people,

about conflicts,

about coertion,

about expectations,

about performance,

about success,

about reputation,

about ability,

about sales,

about money,

about choices,

about decisions,

about relationships,

about rejection,

about knowledge,

about honesty,

about truth.


The fog of failure threatens

in the dark night of unknowing.


With my eyes still closed,

still in the neutral zone,

I am in the darkness;

but the Light is there,

though my mind’s eye

cannot yet see it.


I reach out in faith

in the dark night of unknowing.


I place myself in the presence

of the good God,

I invoke the Holy Spirit,

and in my mind

I sing a hymn of praise;

and through the cloudy mist

like a distant diamond

I see the sparkling of the

Morning Star.


The Light twinkles

in the dark night of unknowing.


In prayer,

I abandon myself


to Jesus,

The Lord of Love,

through Our Lady,

Queen of All Hearts.


The Light shines

in the dark night of unknowing.


Our Lady sweetly

and gently

draws near to me,

in a tunnel of dazzling


she warmly smiles at me

with her angelic aquamarine eyes,

and her soft hair

and her majestic mantle

blow in the balmy breeze

of the Spirit;

and she lovingly clasps

her own warm hands

around mine,

and then tenderly

embraces me,

with the limitless love

of the Lord.


The Light electrically explodes

with glorious golden rays

in the dark night of unknowing.


Next she places a radiant

little candle

in my right hand,

and points to her only Sun,

Christ the Courageous;

she sweetly whispers to me,

and then, together,

we humbly kneel down

and offer prayers

of complete surrender

to Our Lord and King;

the flame of my little candle

dances with delight.


The fog of fear evaporates

and my heart leaps

with confident joy.


The dark night of unknowing

has been triumphantly

transformed into

the bright light where God’s love is flowing.