St. Jude Thaddeus the Apostle / by Joseph Castorino


You had fabulous fun playing with Jesus,

  Your second cousin who knew no guile,

You loved to visit His mild mother,

  Who always had the sweetest smile;

Through the patient passing of the years,

  You saw the magical messiah mature,

And He chose you and your brother James,

  To be apostles who strive to be pure;

In loving loyalty your mother agonized,

  With Jesus’ mother at the foot of the cross,

Your father Cleophas was monstrously martyred,

  And his death was a dire loss;

But you steadfastly served the Lord,

  And were famous for physical healing,

You happily sought out holiness,

  And spent much time prayerfully kneeling;

In a foreign land you were beaten to a pulp,

  Until you were door-nail dead,

But it wasn’t satisfying enough,

  So your murderers lopped off your head;

Now you wear a martyr’s golden crown,

  And live in Heaven’s perennial jubilation,

Interceding for the Church Militant,

  You help it become a new creation.