MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 23 / by Joseph Castorino


Cause of Our Joy, together with you I bless

  And praise the great glory of the good God;

Direct my steps toward the Heavenly Homeland,

  And please give me the sweet honey of humility.


In danger and doubt, I seek your sincere face,

  Take me by the hand and lead me again to safety;

You swiftly and cleverly lead me out of the wicked

  Woods of temptation and onto the plateau of peace.


Draw me into the life-giving light of your Savior-Sun,

  And pray that I enter fully into His limitless love;

Teach me to surrender, to surrender myself to Him,

  To surrender totally, completely, and joyfully.


Plead with the Lord that I be purified from affection

  For the useless and dangerous things in my life;

Help me to recognize the evil one’s subtle yet

  Savage plans to maliciously murder my soul.


Mother Most Admirable, the evil one

Tries to run me off the Cliff of Confusion;

This beastly brute tries to bully me and

Push me down into the dreadful abyss.

He’s a miserable wild-eyed monster who

Whispers nothing but worthless wickedness;

He relentlessly ridicules me, spitting

Upon me with the dirty drool of his lies.

Pray that my soul may melt in the majestic

Mercy of the Father of Forgiveness;

In His name, take up the sword of truth

So that he will frantically flee in total terror.

Teach me always to appreciate the

Good God’s innumerable gifts to me;

Remind me to remember and relish all the

Blessings that I so foolishly take for granted.


Mother Inviolate, together with you,

Let us offer a happy hymn of praise;

We worship the great God for blessing

Us with the fragrance of His love.

Precious Lady, you are the most brilliant

Star in all God’s glorious galaxies;

In your peaceful presence, we sigh

Joyfully and contentedly.

Hoist up the flag of our devout faith,

As we traverse the spiritual ocean;

Lead us safely through the savage storms of

Temptation, and into the harbor of pardon.

Through your intercession, Jesus rains down

Goodness and graces upon each of us;

Pray that He may totally cleanse sin’s

Corrosive acid from our sullied souls.



Lovely Lady, protect me from my enemies,

Who hide in the darkest of shadows;

With the explosive grenades of gossip

They seek to kill my reputation.

Yet I rejoice that you will cheerfully guide

Me to the happy hills of Heaven;

I look forward to embracing you there,

Surrounded by goodness and sweetness.

I salute you with joy, most noble Virgin,

You who point me towards the Light;

As the princess of patience and prudence,

You smile as you lead me home.

Pray that my heart will be purged forever,

Cleansed from all evil inclinations;

Help me to recognize the Teacher of Truth,

Help me to recognize the Lord of Love.


When we sin, we trust Seduction’s black

Promise, biting into its crunchy red lie;

The fruit’s flesh is sugary sweet, but

Inside slither the worms of wickedness.

After taking the bite, we shudder in guilt,

Dropping the poison apple in fear;

Suddenly our souls are sick at heart, for

Like little Peters we have denied Jesus.

Ask the good Lord to show us His mercy,

For we admit that we’re just stupid people;

Quickly come to our aid, Morning Star,

That the Light of lights will save us.

Help us make quality time for daily prayer,

And to prioritize this in our everyday lives;

We need to know the necessity of prayer,

For through it we touch the finger of God.


Holy Santa Maria, sweetest guide, save me

By leading me to your Son’s lasting love;

You are the fountain of Christ’s clemency,

Freshly flowing with living water.

You swiftly circle the great globe of Earth,

Eager to show us the easier road to Heaven;

You lead us on the peaceful path to Beauty,

On a way that is lit by your most holy Sun.

Riding on the white charger of chastity,

You protect us with the lance of justice;

Warmed by the Sun’s splendid rays, your

Soul is surrounded by the halo of truth.

Pray wholeheartedly to His Divine Majesty,

And ask that He bestow on us holy devotion;

May the good God grace us with the grand

Gifts and fervent fire of the Holy Spirit.


Holy Mother of God, do not ever forget us --

  Fight for your spiritual family on Earth;

Lead us, your Son’s simple sheep, away from

  The tangled twisted webs of tribulation.


The evil enemy, like a boa constrictor,

  Tries to squeeze us with stress;

Do not let the devil deceive us with the

  Empty, plastic promises of pride.


May all the evil one’s threats be pulverized

  By the protective power of Christ’s cross;

You gaze in wonder at God’s glorious

  Plan, and your merciful eyes are upon us.


Pray to Our Father in Heaven, and ask Him

  To show us the excellence of devotion;

Request that He send choirs of amiable angels

  To aid us in finding the path of purity.


Virgin Most Powerful, you use the key of Love

  That unlocks sweet surrender in the unknown;

Majestic Madonnina, teach us not to seek

  Selfish Scrooge-like control over our lives.


The Holy Spirit conducts a saintly symphony

  In the depths of your most immaculate heart;

Brimming with holy joy, He gently and lovingly

  Plucks the strings of your obedient soul.


You wondrously wait for us in perpetual peace,

  Watchfully protecting us on our journey;

Through God’s grace, transform the bitter

  Myrrh of black fears into heavenly hope.


Pure Santa Maria, help us to choose a devout

  Life, and resist the glittering baubles of sin;

Pour God’s glorious blessings upon us like

  Raindrops of the Lord’s life-giving love.