MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 23 / by Joseph Castorino


Cause of Our Joy, together with you I bless

  And praise the great glory of the good God;

Direct my steps toward the Heavenly Homeland,

  And please give me the sweet honey of humility.


In danger and doubt, I seek your sincere face,

  Take me by the hand and lead me again to safety;

You swiftly and cleverly lead me out of the wicked

  Woods of temptation and onto the plateau of peace.


Draw me into the life-giving light of your Savior-Sun,

  And pray that I enter fully into His limitless love;

Teach me to surrender, to surrender myself to Him,

  To surrender totally, completely, and joyfully.


Plead with the Lord that I be purified from affection

  For the useless and dangerous things in my life;

Help me to recognize the evil one’s subtle yet

  Savage plans to maliciously murder my soul.