MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 22 / by Joseph Castorino


Seat of Wisdom, Virgin Mary, we love you,

  And we rejoice that you’re our mother;

You cuddle us in your amiable arms as

  Your cherished little babes in the Spirit.


Speaking through the dear apostle John,

  Jesus commanded us all to revere you;

Your humble happy obedience to God’s plan

  Inspires us to imitate your praiseworthy virtue.


Give us to eat of the fresh fruit of holy faith,

  Which solidly strengthens our confidence;

Give us to drink of His luscious living water,

  Which surges through and sweetens our soul.


Pray that we be purified from affection for

  Even the smallest of vile, venomous venial sins;

Shed upon us the radiant rays of your prudence,

  Enlighten us when we read the Word’s words.