MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 20 / by Joseph Castorino


Virgin Most Faithful, embrace us tenderly

  And lovingly with God’s manifold graces;

Be our compassionate consolation and

  Powerful protection in times of stress.


We weep with the tears and sobs of sorrow,

  Yet you draw back the drapes of the tempest;

Then we see the most dazzling Son-shine

  And it profoundly pierces our soul with agape.


Your holy hand gently clasps our own and

  You show us the shortcut to His Sacred Heart;

Like a trusted guide you safely lead us away

  From the near occasion of sin's seduction.


Queen of our hearts, pray that we may make

  A firm resolution to serve God once more;

No matter how many times we fail and fall,

  Point us towards our happy heavenly home.