MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 19 / by Joseph Castorino


Virgin Most Merciful, I humbly kneel before

  You, who are truly the Queen of my Heart;

Slam shut the horrifying, hideous gates of hell,

  And deliver me from the dangerous enemy.


When the raging rivers of tribulation surround me,

  I seek your calm in the chapel of my heart;

Then when I remember your peaceful presence,

  The Light pierces the darkness in my soul.   


The saints sublimely sing to the conquering King

  And my soul sweetly revels in pure jubilation;

Your holy prayers are my perpetual consolation,

  And the Sun’s warmth wonderfully comforts me.


O lovely Lady, teach me the value of making a

  Wholehearted general confession to Our Lord;

I wish to make a fresh start in this new year,

  To live in Christmas joy every day of my life.