MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 18 / by Joseph Castorino


Virgin Most Powerful, you use the key of Love

  That unlocks sweet surrender in the unknown;

Majestic Madonnina, teach us not to seek

  Selfish Scrooge-like control over our lives.


The Holy Spirit conducts a saintly symphony

  In the depths of your most immaculate heart;

Brimming with holy joy, He gently and lovingly

  Plucks the strings of your obedient soul.


You wondrously wait for us in perpetual peace,

  Watchfully protecting us on our journey;

Through God’s grace, transform the bitter

  Myrrh of black fears into heavenly hope.


Pure Santa Maria, help us to choose a devout

  Life, and resist the glittering baubles of sin;

Pour God’s glorious blessings upon us like

  Raindrops of the Lord’s life-giving love.