MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 15 / by Joseph Castorino


Virgin Most Prudent, I have tasted sin’s

  Seductive sugar, which suddenly turns sour;

Pray that the flaming fire of faith may be

  Infused deep within my helpless heart.


Show me how to imitate you by immersing

  Myself in God’s grand and glorious love;

May the delicate sound of your voice

  Sweeten the dry depths of my solitary soul.


Teach my heart to thrill in thanksgiving

  And not take things for granted;

I especially praise the good God for His gift of

  You, you who hold me in your affectionate arms.


The hounds of hell have been unleashed,

  So please be my vigilant protectress;

One word from the Holy One and you will

  Slay them with the sharp sword of the Spirit.