MIRROR OF JUSTICE / by Joseph Castorino


Heavenly Queen, just as God’s flaming

  Fire blazed in the bush on Mt. Horeb;

So the Spirit gloriously glows like a candle

  Inside you as baby Jesus is conceived.


His Divine Majesty fills you bountifully

  With the finest of all fruits;

More valuable than millions of mountains

  Of glistening gold nuggets.


As the beautiful Babe is born, the Light

  Of the world shines forth in a remarkable way;

In heavenly humility, the sweet Savior

  Shines as the miraculous Morningstar.


Modest, mild Mother of God, you are

  A precious, priceless pearl of purity;

Pray that, like you, I may find rest on

  The ineffable, indelible isle of innocence.