MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 12 / by Joseph Castorino


Mother of Good Counsel, teach me to

  Clearly comprehend God’s commandments;

In the storms of daily life, may the bright

  Beacon of His Word help me to choose life.


Blessed are your resplendent eyes, which

  Looked with love at the Babe of Bethlehem;

Blessed are the holy hands that compassionately

  Caressed Him in His swaddling clothes.


Assembled on the holy hills of Heaven, the

  Communion of saints rejoices in you;

In sunny splendor, the Lord of Light

  Smilingly crowns you as His wondrous one.


Pray that our frail feet may be kept far from

  The steep slope that slides down to sin;

Instead, let us find friendly comfort

  In your calm, caring countenance.