MARIAN SYMPHONY NO. 11 / by Joseph Castorino


Mother Most Admirable, the evil one

  Tries to run me off the Cliff of Confusion;

This beastly brute tries to bully me and

  Push me down into the dreadful abyss.


He’s a miserable wild-eyed monster who

  Whispers nothing but worthless wickedness;

He relentlessly ridicules me, spitting

  Upon me with the dirty drool of his lies.


Pray that my soul may melt in the majestic

  Mercy of the Father of Forgiveness;

In His name, take up the sword of truth

  So that he will frantically flee in total terror.


Teach me always to appreciate the

  Good God’s innumerable gifts to me;

Remind me to remember and relish all the

  Blessings that I so foolishly take for granted.